Parking Saba Plaça Major - Castellar del Valles

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  • 163 free spaces

Plza. Mayor 08211, Castellar del Vallès


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Open between 08am to 10pm


Maximum height allowed: 2.2 meters


Our car parking facilities in Castellar del Vallès are located in an ideal spot. Situated at the Plaza Major, they will allow you to forget about your car for as long as you like. This car park offers numerous amenities for you to use at your convenience. So you can just concentrate on getting where you want to go and not waste time looking for somewhere to park your vehicle. Remember that it’s very well connected to all the major transport routes in the area.

  • Parking spaces for disabled persons
  • Spaces for motorbikes
  • Closed between 10 pm and 8 am, on Sundays and public holidays

Products and Tickets

Hourly fee


2,15 €/hour



- 83 %

Saba Abono 24h Gold

Web offer! 24h Mon. to Sun.,-50% off Saba network

57,63 €/month


- 16 %

Saba Abono Motos

Web Offer! 24h Mon. to Sun.

12,29 €/month


- 21 %

Saba Abono Nocturno Silver

Web Offer! Mon. to Sun. from 08pm to 10am

30,47 €/month


- 21 %

Saba Abono Nocturno Gold

Web Offer! Mon. to Fri. from 08pm to 10am, weekend 24h

34,17 €/month


- 20 %

Saba Abono Mañanas Gold

Web Offer! Mon. to Sun. from 6am to 4:30pm

40,91 €/month


- 15 %

Saba Abono Tardes Silver

Web Offer! Mon. to Fri. from 1pm to 11pm

41,44 €/month


- 15 %