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Forty kilometres from Madrid, in the Sierra de Guadarrama, you will find Collado de Villalba. It’s a town that is famous for its summer fiestas, which attract countless visitors from central Spain in the months of June and July.

One of the spots where the majority of people tend to gather is the local town hall, the command centre from which most of the celebrations begin. The council itself is in charge of organising all the cultural events, in which music plays a big part.

The Town Council of Collado de Villalba organises the Vía Celta, the Vía Jazz and the famous GranitoRock festivals, the latter being very well known among rock fans both in Spain and abroad.

The two buildings that house the town council stand on Plaza de la Constitución, and both of them have the same functions. The old one is in the Renaissance style and the new one has a contemporary design – creating an interesting contrast of architectural styles within a single space. The new part has a façade of mirrored glass that reflects the local landscape.

If you want to park your vehicle nearby, you can leave it in our public car park that’s open 24 hours a day and is located at Villalba Train Station, on Paseo de la Estación. And if you have an electric vehicle, we recommend that you park it with us to make use of our charging point.

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You’ll find our car park next to the train station and the main thoroughfares of Collado-Villalba. This way, you’re within easy reach of the main locations in town and you can leave your car there without a care. Don’t waste your time looking for a place to park – enjoy your visit!

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Collado-Villalba is a highly attractive tourist destination with countless places that you shouldn’t miss if you’re visiting. That’s why we have fully serviced parking facilities at your disposal, where you can leave your vehicle. We want you to get the most from your visit and not waste a single minute on your vehicle.