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The Mútua de Terrassa University Hospital is situated at number 5, Plaza del Doctor Robert. Next to this university hospital is Sant Llàtzer Hospital, a large healthcare complex right in the centre of Terrassa.

The historic part of the building, built in 1609 but officially opened three years later, is listed as a local heritage site. It was abandoned by the Franciscans because of the risk of fire and taken over by the State.

Sant Llàtzer Hospital is built on two storeys with an interior water tower that was built long before the rest of the building. In its early years, the hospital was a Franciscan monastery and it had a church, a cloister and several different rooms and outhouses. Lluís Muncunill extended the building in 1917, giving it a Catalan Modernist style and creating a wing for tuberculosis patients and clinic for private patients and members of mutual health insurance schemes. Today, it is a large medical centre that also includes the Mutua de Terrassa University Hospital.

What is today the Terrassa Health Consortium was built by the Sant Llàtzer Hospital Foundation in partnership with Terrassa Town Council and the Government of Catalonia. In 1989, the consortium opened the Terrassa Hospital just off Carretera de Sabadell, which has been refurbished to house a health centre, a primary care centre and a mental health hospital.

Sant Llàtzer can be reached from Calle Sant Antoni, Calle del Castell or Avenida de Jacquard, all of which lead to Plaza del Doctor Robert. The square has a lovely landscaped area where you can enjoy a short walk. If you need to get to the hospital, you can park your car conveniently on Plaza del Doctor Robert itself.

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