Parking in Le Secuita (Tarragona)

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Situated in the northern part of the Tarragonès district, La Secuita has an Iberian and Roman past that attracts visitors from all over the country. If you decide to visit, may we remind you that one of our parking facilities is at your disposal. You can leave your car there with total peace of mind and convenience. Our staff will watch over it the whole time.

Parking Saba in Le Secuita (Tarragona)

Mas L'Hereuet, s/n , 43765 La Secuita

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1.50 €/hour

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Close to Tarragona and the marshland of Gaià, La Secuita is in a key geographical location. From our car park, you’ll be able to get around the town and to other places of interest really easily, thanks to its link to the AVE high speed train station. You’ll find all the main thoroughfares without any problem at all. Make the most of your time: park your car without driving around in search of a space.

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If you visit La Secuita, don’t miss the church designed by Josep Maria Jujol, or its historic quarter, along with lots of other enchanting places. Lose yourself in its streets, enjoy every corner of this magical town and forget about your car. We’ll make sure that it’s looked after for as long as you need.