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Molins de Rei Town Hall is on Plaza de Catalunya, in the heart of this town in the Baix Llobregat area. This public building was constructed in the mid-19th century. Painted in mustard and reddish hues, the town hall stands out from the other buildings on the square.

The building is three storeys high and, although the structure as a whole is relatively small, the balcony on the second floor is rather large and often displays the flag of Catalan independence.

The town of Molins de Rei has approximately 25,152 inhabitants so the town hall is almost like a second home for the locals, where they can come and present requests and complaints and make queries.

If you are visiting the town, as well as taking a look at the town hall, you should have a wander around the old part, the town museum and preferably time your visit to coincide with the Candelera festival (Fira de la Candelera) or another traditional local festival. Just a couple of minutes away from Plaza de Catalunya is the Church of Sant Miquel. In 1208 Molins de Rei obtained recognition as a town and permission to build its own church, but this never happened until after the Spanish Civil War and it was finally inaugurated in 1942. Designed by Gumà Cuevas, it has a central nave, two side naves and a dome in the roof that has 24 stained glass windows that adorn the interior with beautiful plays of light.

Molins de Rei has all the charm of a small town, so parking in the town centre can be difficult. Fortunately, we have a Saba car park for you very close to Calle Major. The network of Saba public car parks spreads across the whole of Spain to ensure that all cities have a public car park close to the main landmarks and points of interest.

Parking Saba in Molins de Rei

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Close to Sant Cugat and to Barcelona, Molins de Rei is situated in an ideal location in the Baix Llobregat area. To help you get around fully at your leisure, our car park is there for you. You’ll find it next to the town’s main thoroughfares and the train station.

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Whether you come to Molins de Rei for business or pleasure, don’t waste your time driving around looking for somewhere to park your car. Remember that our car park is there for you, right in the town centre, where you can leave your vehicle for as you long as you need to. Put your worries aside and forget about your car. Enjoy tour visit.