Parking in Parc Tauli - Sabadell

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Known in the past as “The Eucalyptuses”, Parc Taulí is one of Sabadell’s main parks. As well as being a green space, it is also the site of Sabadell Hospital.

The park was opened in 1992 and covers 2.3 hectares. It was designed as a Romanesque-style space for people to walk in or make use of its numerous amenities. The area has a wide variety of plants and trees that are a great attraction for nature lovers. You’ll find Canary palms, date palms, blue cypresses, eucalyptus, magnolias, olive trees, white pine, banana trees, etc.

The park has several interesting spots worth visiting. The grass dune, with its native species, is made up of a bank and a cobbled area that block off the sight and sounds of the Gran Vía avenue to provide a much more pleasant experience for locals and visitors. The old Modernist-style bandstand in the middle of the park is a lovely place for evening dances. Spread around the park are sculptures by Gabriel Sanz, entitled Gong, Trona al Sol and Empantaneguem d’Ultrasò. There’s also the water tower, one of the symbols of Sabadell.

And as well as all this, the park has play areas for people with physical or learning disabilities. There’s one space with moving equipment and another with immobile equipment designed by the organisation CIPO and by council experts.

If you’d like to visit the area and you need a place to park, you’ll find the Saba public car park on Plaza Dr. Robert, right in the centre of Sabadell.

Parking Saba in Sabadell

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Sabadell is a town with very good connections to the surrounding area. Don’t forget that our car parks are there for you near the train and Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat stations, as well as the main thoroughfares. From there you can easily get to wherever you want. You can leave your car in one of our parking facilities for as long as you like, so you can visit the town or do all the errands you need.

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Whether you go to Sabadell for business or pleasure, our car parks will really come in handy. Situated in the town centre, right next to the key locations, they’ll let your enjoy your stay without having to waste time looking for somewhere to park your car. Forget about your car… we’ll watch over it for you.