Parking in Port of Algeciras - Algeciras

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Located in the southern part of Andalusia, it’s considered Spain’s main port in terms of cargo tonnage and indeed the busiest transhipment port in the Mediterranean, which explains the intense level of activity that it sees each and every day. Visitors may be fascinated by the sight of ships constantly arriving and leaving, loading and unloading goods.

Unlike other ports in Europe, the port of Algeciras is a relatively new one. It was not until 1967 that the port of La Línea was annexed to it. The container terminal opened in 1976 and in 1982 Algeciras-La Línea port was joined by the port of Tarifa to cover the whole Strait of Gibraltar. Since 1993 it has been known as the Port of Algeciras Bay.

The port comprises several different facilities: the original port of Algeciras and all its successive extensions, the docks in the area of Los Barrios and those of San Roque, the platform at Campamento that is part of the town of San Roque and, finally, the marina at Línea de la Concepción.

Passenger traffic also leaves this port to cross the Strait of Gibraltar. Ferries depart the port for Gibraltar itself, as well as for the ports of Ceuta and Tangiers-Med.

The port of Algeciras also has a section at El Saladillo with 1,250 berths for yachts, which stretches across 35 hectares to include all of Algeciras’s different sailing and boating clubs. Visitors should definitely not miss the great nightlife in this area.

If you wish, you can park your vehicle at our public car park at Algeciras Train Station on Avenida Gesto por la Paz, just a couple of minutes’ drive from the port.

Parking Saba in Algeciras

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If you decide to visit Algeciras, Saba makes it so easy for you to park your vehicle. You’ll find our parking facilities next to the train station, which is definitely one of the best places from which to get around and to travel to other nearby towns. A great solution for your vehicle, giving you a wide range of options.

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Saba always provides you with parking facilities in the most notable locations of each city, so that you can enjoy your trips to the fullest. And remember that you have Saba parking facilities in the centre of Algeciras. Forget having to drive round in circles along busy roads and leave your vehicle in our car park.