Parking in Santa Maria la Mayor Co-Cathedral - Castellon de la Plana

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If you are visiting Castellón de la Plana, you may be aware that one of its main attractions is Santa María Co-Cathedral, also known as the Church of Santa María la Mayor. It is a church built in the Valencian Gothic style, although it also has several later additions in the Neo-Gothic style.

It is also on Plaza Mayor, next to the City Hall and the bell tower, which is also known as El Fadrí.

In 1662, based on architectural drawings by Juan Ibáñez, the Communion chapel was built in the shape of a Greek cross and topped with a central dome and half-barrel vaults.

In 1931, the cathedral was listed as a National Historic and Artistic Monument. But on 24 July 1936, during the Spanish Civil War, it was deliberately set on fire and had to be demolished. In 1939 it was rebuilt from a design by Vicente Traver Tomás that was based on the remains of the previous building, but the current cathedral was not completed until 1999.

Today, it is in the shape of a Latin cross with three naves and a pentagonal apse. The central nave is lined with octagonal pillars that rise up into the transversal arches. The naves are covered by ribbed vaults, the top one of which is a half-star vault, and the transept, with its dome, is also topped with a starred vault.

Mass, weddings, prayers, funerals, communions, etc., are all held here. Outside it you will find the Mayor fountain (Fuente Mayor, in Spanish), with arching jets of crystal-clear water under which you can cool down on a hot day.

If you want to visit the cathedral and you need to park your vehicle, you can always leave it at our public car park on Avenida Rey Don Jaime, very close to this majestic building.

Parking Saba in Castellon de la Plana

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There are Saba car parks at key locations in the town: near the main thoroughfares and the stations. Saba always has your needs in mind, so you’ll always find a car park near your destination. You can leave your car at our facilities without any problems.

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It can be difficult to find a place to park in the centre of Castellón de la Plana. That’s why we offer public car parks right next to several key points in the town. We know that easy parking is crucial if you’re to enjoy your trip, so you can always find us in central locations.