Sevilla City Hall (Cathedral

Seville City Hall (Ayuntamiento de Sevilla) is situated in the oldest part of the city, home to most of its important works of architecture. The architecture of this building is one of the most important examples of the Plateresque style, which is characteristic of Spain.

The city hall of the Andalusian capital is almost five hundred years old and is one of the sights that must be included on any city tour. One of the city’s four public administration buildings, it stands in the old part of the city on Plaza Nueva, which you can reach from Calle Temprado or Calle Santander.

Just a few feet away from the city hall are the majority of Seville’s monuments and sights. For example, there’s the famous Seville Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Santa María. This piece of architecture is the largest Gothic Christian place of worship in the world, which in itself makes it an unmissable place to visit. It is accompanied by a spectacular bell tower that is known as La Giralda and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And just 5 minutes away from the city hall is the Real Alcázar de Sevilla, a unique architectural complex that dates back to the Middle Ages. This idyllic space will transport visitors back to medieval times as they wander around the inner courtyard among the lobed arches.

All of Seville’s history and architectural beauty is within your grasp in this old part of the city. Very close to the city hall, you’ll also find a Saba car park, where you can park your car quickly and easily without worrying about finding somewhere to leave it nearby.