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The neighbourhood of Triana is on the western side of Seville and is spread over two of the city’s eleven administrative districts. Its name comes from the old traditional neighbourhood situated close to the Guadalquivir River. On its southern edge, Triana borders onto the district of Los Remedios and on its northern side, with the municipality of Santiponce.

The Isabel II Bridge links the district to the city centre. Legend has it that the goddess Astarte, on her flight from the unwanted amorous attentions of Hercules (the mythological founder of Seville), came to find refuge on the western bank of the Guadalquivir and there she founded Triana.

This neighbourhood has some of Seville’s most important historic buildings, such as the convent of Las Mínimas (built in 1755 by the Order of Minims of Saint Francis of Paula); the Casa de los Mensaque (a museum exhibiting a collection of great 20th-century ceramic art); the Torre Sevilla; and the Paseo de Nuestra Señora de la O, an urban riverside path along the Guadalquivir that is perfect for taking a long stroll and visiting the area.

The area includes a large section that is in stark contrast to the rest of the neighbourhood. It stands on the site of an old 16th-century neighbourhood, known as Portugalete, that was once one of the most important in the city. In Triana you’ll also find Plaza del Altozano, a wonderful square where you can enjoy all the restaurants and bars.

If you want to visit different parts of Triana, the best option is to drive, as you’ll easily find somewhere to park. You’ll find our closest car park to Triana at Torre Sevilla, number 2 Calle Inca Garcilaso, which is also close to the Monastery of La Cartuja.

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If you’re going to visit Seville, you mustn’t go in a hurry. You’ll find its magic in its monuments but also in every street, every corner and every balcony. To help you really make the most of your visit, remember that you’ll find our car park next to the key points in Seville. Leave your car there for as long as you want.