Parking in Vilafranca City Hall - Vilafranca

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The Casa de la Vila, as the Town Hall of Vilafranca del Penedès is also known, is a building that stands out from the rest of the surrounding architecture. It is situated on the central Calle de la Cort and in front of it is the town square, Plaza de la Vila. Despite the series of transformations that the town hall has undergone over the centuries, it still preserves most of its Gothic structure.

The building was acquired by the municipality in 1559, prior to which it had been the mansion house of one Bernat Pellicer. The building is structured around a beautiful central courtyard, a staircase that leads up to an open gallery and a stunning Gothic stone façade. In 1969, when a refurbishment was taking place, a set of 4-metre-deep tanks were discovered underneath the building which dated back to the 16th century. They were used to store grain that had been paid as taxes or that was to be distributed in times of famine, plague, war, etc.

The most noteworthy of all the different apertures on this building is a large window formed by two identical arches that are linked by a stone pillar. Another curiosity are the gargoyles in the shape of eagles with their wings folded. These gargoyles are one of the characteristic features that often define the Gothic style.

The interior spaces include the plenary and session room with unusually tall ceilings, seating stalls along the side and some interesting paintings on the walls. Another room worth visiting is the Sala de San Ramón, with modern murals by the famous artist Pau Boada that depict daily scenes of the inhabitants of Vilafranca.

If you need to, you can use the Saba public car park on Plaza del Penedès, just a few metres away from the Town Hall of Vilafranca del Penedès.

Parking Saba in Vilafranca

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If you’re in Vilafranca and want to get around conveniently, it’s a good idea to use our parking facilities, situated at key points in the town. You’ll find them near the main streets and next to the train station. If you like, you can leave your car there for as long as you need to… we’ll watch over it for you. Don’t waste time… forget about your car.

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Wander around the streets, visit the Basilica of Santa Maria, the Royal Palace (Palau Reial), and all the other sights. Enjoy your stay without thinking about your car. Remember that we have parking facilities in the most central places of Vilafranca. If you leave your vehicle at our car parks you can reach most places in town on foot.