Zaragoza Auditorium

Zaragoza Auditorium, also known as the Palacio de Congresos, is on Calle Eduardo Ibarra in the city’s university area. This vast complex was officially opened on 5 October 1994 and was designed by the architect José Manuel Pérez Latorre.

It is the venue used for Zaragoza’s main cultural events and activities, because of its fantastic acoustic quality. It has six main spaces: the Sala Mozart, where the largest concerts are held; the Sala Luis Galvé, where chamber music is performed; and the Sala Mariano Garcia, which is basically used for meetings and conferences. It also has a videoconferencing room, the hypostyle room (which forms the main corridor of the complex) and a multipurpose hall that is used for events such as the Comic Fair, press conferences, etc. The multipurpose hall also has a large café where you can take a break and have something to eat or drink before, during or after the event you're attending.

As well as welcoming renowned international artists, the auditorium also has three resident musical groups. These are the Grupo Enigma chamber orchestra, the Al Aire Español Baroque orchestra and the Amici Musicae choir.

If you’re on a visit to Zaragoza, don’t forget to have a look at its official website to see what’s on. That way, you may well be able to enjoy a high quality concert in a unique venue.

Opposite this building is La Romareda, the football stadium that is home to Real Zaragoza football club. The auditorium is close to the River Huerva and when you cross it, you’ll see the huge Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta.

This area is one of the busiest in the city, so if you want to get there by car, you can leave it in our Saba public car park just a few feet away from the auditorium at number 44 Avenida Juan Carlos I.