New VIA T Bip&Drive with 6 FREE months and free device.

In Saba we encourage technology, comfort and speed, and we want to share it with you. With VIA-T Bip&Drive you will be able to enter and exit your Saba car park without having to use your membership card. Additionally, you will also be able to drive on Spanish and Portuguese motorways without having to stop at toll stations.


For members who want to enjoy the advantages that VIA-T Bip&Drive is offering, Saba is giving away a special offer. We will give you 6 months of your VIA-T Bip&Drive annual quota for free. Additionally, we will apply a 30% discount to your quota from the 2nd year onwards. We will also give you the device - which costs 30€ - for free. 


There is no commitment to remain with VIA-T Bip&Drive; try it and say goodbye to barriers. Order it and you will receive your device at home in the next 48 hours.


Order your exclusive member code VIA-T Bip&Drive sending a e-mail at or calling on our free number 900 83 11 11.