Parking Saba NOS Campo Grande - Lisbon

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Rua Ator António Silva N.º 9 1600-404, Lisboa


Open 24h


Maximum height allowed: 1.9 meters


Campo Grande Garden, also known as Parque do Campo Grande, is Lisbons big lung and the greenest area in the city covering a total of 11.1 hectares. Thanks to its big size, all kind of plants and animals can live there among which the weirdest species such as: canary palms and figs. As to animals, we can see sparrows and lesser whitethroats romping around the park as well as other kind of birds. The park has a big lake where you go boating. It is divided in two areas: north and south. This amazing place is perfect for you to enjoy a sunny day, to workout, to take the kids out have fun, or to simply sit down beneath a tree for reading. Whatever your plans are, you can always count on a parking lot just around the corner, located exactly at Rua Actor António Silva, 9 with a large capacity of 180 car parks providing the comfort you are used to have as a SABA user. A bit of historyThe territory where the park currently lays dates back to the 14th century as a fence surrounding the city until 1792. At this time, during the kingdom of Mary I, the project of a garden right in the fields started to be discussed including the circuit of horse races. At the beginning of the 18th century, the garden becomes public domain keeping this status up to know.

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