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Portimāo is located in the district of Faro, in the Algarve region. This region is mainly known for its virgin beaches, and Portimāo is no exception. In this city you will find the famous Praia da Roca and Praia dos Três Irmaos beaches, among many other natural wonders.

Parking Saba in Portimao

Largo 1.º de Maio, 8500-543 Portimão

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1.60 €/hour

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To reach the city of Portimāo, located in the south of Portugal, you can travel to one of the nearest airports, such as Faro or even the Portuguese capital. To easily get around the city and access the most well hidden beaches and coves in Portimāo, we recommend that you travel by public transport or in your own vehicle.

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If you visit the town of Portimāo, don’t forget to pass by the Fort of Santa Catarina, an architectural monument that is located very close to the beach area. To get around Portimāo comfortably, remember that you can use our Saba car park and forget about having to find a place to park.