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In the historical centre of Porto is the Sāo Bento Railway Station.

This building was inaugurated in 1916 and is made of stone with tiles in the interior. On the outside, the building presents architectural lines and decoration that are typical of the neoclassical style.The station was built at the beginning of the 20th century in the same place where the nuns of the Convent of Sāo Bento de Ave Maria once lived. The first train to pass through the station didn’t arrive until 1896. The Sāo Bento station is a few metres from Saint Anthony’s Church and is very close to the Sá da Bandeira Theatre. The area is full of monuments and incredibly interesting historical locations for those discovering Porto for the first time. The Torre dos Clerigos tower, one of the national symbols of the city of Porto, is also found in the historical centre. It is difficult to find parking in the old town of Porto. However, you can comfortably park your vehicle nearby. Not far from this point of interest is a Saba car park. Saba car parks are available 24 hours a day and have modern facilities that include Wi-Fi.

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The city of Porto has an international airport known as the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport. You can also reach this Portuguese town through the network of buses and trains that connects the entire country. You can visit the historical centre of this city on foot or by using public transport. In order to reach the coast or the area surrounding Porto, the best way is to travel in your own vehicle.

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In Porto’s old town you can find the city’s Cathedral, a large religious monument from the 21st century that monopolises a significant part of the city’s tourism. Next to this historic building is Ponte Luís I, which crosses the Douro River and will give you some of the best views of the area. What’s more, in the centre of Porto you can find green spaces that are perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature, including the Botanical Garden of the University of Porto or the Porto City Park. When visiting all of these places, make sure you don’t waste any time during your trip to Porto by using the Saba car parks located at the city’s most important tourist attractions.