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The Lisbon Cathedral, known as Sé de Lisboa, is the oldest ecclesiastical building in the city.

After surviving several of the natural disasters that have struck Lisbon over the centuries, such as earthquakes and floods, the cathedral has needed to be restored several times.The construction of this imposing architectural project began in 1147. Both its facade and its interior respect the Romanesque style of the period, although its sconces give off a certain Gothic air. The church, of Catholic worship, has 16 chapels and a large sacristy in the entrance. The cathedral also contains the tomb of Estavāo Rodrigues and Mor Martins. The Lisbon Cathedral is located in the old part of the city, between Rua Augusto Rosa Street and the Cruzes da Sé. Near the building you can find other tourist attractions, such as the Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa and the Museum of Lisbon dedicated to the city’s ancient Roman theatre.Lisbon’s beauty lies in its bohemian style, in which old historic buildings coexist with new modern architecture. Thanks to the tiles, which cover most of the buildings in the city, many say that Lisbon has a special light that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The old town is made up of narrow streets that are difficult to access, so to visit the area comfortably we recommend that you use the Saba car park, located in the Praça do Municipio de Lisboa square. This public parking lot is available 24 hours a day.

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As the Portuguese capital, Lisbon has an international airport. If you want to get to the city from other parts of the country, we recommend that you use the network of buses and trains that connects all of PortugalÕs regions. The city is organised around four mountains, meaning that the city is very hilly. Public transport and your private car can take you to visit any part of the Portuguese capital.

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It can difficult to decide on what to see in Lisbon, since the selection of cultural and tourist attractions is very extensive, along with its selection of restaurants. However, there are several places that are a must-see for the visitor, such as the Bairro Alto district -where you can find all of the cityÕs most exciting bars and restaurants-, the Praa do ComŽrcio, the Chiado Museum or the centre of Lisbon itself, among many other places. In order to fully enjoy all of these locations, you can park your car at one of our Saba car parks and enjoy Lisbon worry-free.