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Praia Redonda, or also Praia do Leixao, is one of the most famous ocean beaches preferred by tourists visiting Povóa de Varzim.

This area is located between Praia do Carvalhido and Praia da Salgueria and is perfect for spending a day with family or friends. Throughout the year, the temperature in this part of the city doesn’t drop below 30ºC. However, the breeze that blows from the Atlantic provides a bit of coolness during the non-stop heat.This beach has beach bars and several restaurants, one of the most well-known is called Guarda Sol Café and can be found right across from the beach area. Praia Redona is easily accessible and you can reach it on Dos Banhos Avenue. This area also has a beautiful promenade known as the Passeio Alegre. Here you can find stores, small businesses, ice cream shops and many restaurants, as it is one of the areas with the greatest amount of tourist activity. If you plan on visiting Praia Redonda, we recommend leaving your car in the Saba car park located close to this area of the city. This public parking lot, available 24 hours a day, is located at Dos Descobrimentos Avenue 4490, very close to the Povóa Casino.

Parking Saba in Povoa de Varzim

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The city of Povóa da Varzim doesn’t have an airport. However, you can travel to this city by first going to Porto then using the bus service offered by the city. To get around the city of Povóa you can travel by car or use public transport.

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Povóa prides itself on the city’s port and coastal area. Here you will find the Praia dos Barcos, the city’s marina and even a mall where you can enjoy an afternoon of shopping. On Mouzinho de Albuquerque Avenue you can find a Saba car park where you can leave your car at any time of day.