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The Torre dos Clerigos tower is one of the national symbols of the city of Porto.

Initially, in 1754, the design of the structure included two towers. However, the architect Nicolau Nasoni ultimately decided to build only one of them. The construction of this piece of architecture, an excellent example of Baroque art, ended in 1763 and was created for the Brotherhood of Poor Clerics of Porto, hence its current name. A church bearing the same name was also built attached to the Torres dos Clerigos.Although it no longer has this title, for many years the Tower was the highest building in the city. Inside it has 240 steps and its different levels are open to the public, even at night. From this beautiful historic building, located in Porto’s old town, you can admire and enjoy some wonderful views of the city.Porto’s old town is a difficult area to reach by car. However, you can park your vehicle in a Saba car park, located very close to this point of interest, and visit this building and many other monuments in the historical centre on foot. Saba car parks are available 24 hours a day and have modern facilities with Wi-Fi included.

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The city of Porto has an international airport known as the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport. You can also reach this Portuguese town through the network of buses and trains that connects the entire country. You can visit the historical centre of this city on foot or by using public transport. In order to reach the coast or the area surrounding Porto, the best way is to travel in your own vehicle.

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In Porto’s old town you can find the city’s Cathedral, a large religious monument from the 21st century that monopolises a significant part of the city’s tourism. Next to this historic building is Ponte Luís I, which crosses the Douro River and will give you some of the best views of the area. What’s more, in the centre of Porto you can find green spaces that are perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature, including the Botanical Garden of the University of Porto or the Porto City Park. When visiting all of these places, make sure you don’t waste any time during your trip to Porto by using the Saba car parks located at the city’s most important tourist attractions.