No. The ticket applies to only one car park, one user (individual or legal entity) and one vehicle (license plate, model and colour), reflected in the access card.

It depends on the car park you selected. Review carefully access instructions and how to redeem your product in your purchase confirmation.

You can check the services offered in each car park on their webpage

Once the purchase has been made, we will send you an email informing you of the process to redeem your product.

If payment is made in cash or by credit card (chip&pin):

Request a bill by sending an email to: We will then send you a form to gather all the necessary billing information.

You'll have to send us by post the originals of any simplified bills or receipts that you already have for any parking time within our network of parking lots and parking zones. Please send these documents to: 


Centro de Atención y Control

(Customer Care and Control Centre)

Av. Parc Logístic, 22-26


Once we have received your information, we will issue an invoice for the first week of the month and we will contact you by post via the address that you specified in the forms.

You should carry out this procedure once a month with all of your invoices.


If you carry out payments using VIA T o credit card (magnetic stripe)

Ask us for a monthly bill by sending an email to: We will send you a form to gather all of the necessary billing information.

You will have to inform us of your VIA T number (16 digits) or the credir card number OFF and indicate the date from which you would like to have your invoices.

Once we have received your information, we will issue an invoice for the first week of the month and we will contact you by post via the address that you specified.

You can check if the car park has electric vehicle charging stations on their webpage.

All prices include VAT. The amount paid at the time of purchase will always be the total amount payable.

Any additional time is payable when you exit the car park, at standard rates.

You can check the maximum height of each car park on their webpage.


Once registered on MySaba with your VIA T, you'll automatically be part of our bonus program, without any additional steps.

To obtain the receipt for each parking paid with VIA T, you need to register as a customer on MySaba and then register your VIA T.

Yes. You have to share this new VIA T number with the parking lot that you use. They can then link up the new number and deactivate the old VIA T number. If there is a change to your VIA T’s expiration date, you also have to inform your parking lot to then change the expiration date on your file and link it up with your account.If you are registered on our website, you must register your new VIA T again, whether there are new numbers or you’ve been given a new expiration date.

You can visit the Customer Service representative in charge of your parking lot with your VIA T. There you can link up the VIA T with your subscription charge so that no extra charge is issued. Also, if you bring along bank statements with the parking charges, they can handle the reimbursement for the amount paid out before you linked the accounts.

if you forget to bring documentation for reimbursements, then, you can send your bank statements and the full number on the VIA T device (16 digits) to the e-mail The reimbursement of charges will be processed and, where appropriate, you will be informed of the amount owed to you to enable a bank transfer.

If you need earlier receipts, please send an email to: Along your request, please include the following information: the parking lot you used, parking dates and the VIA T number (16 digits) as shown on the machine used to carry out the payment.

To request a monthly bill, simply email us asking at: We will send you a form to gather all the necessary information for billing and, thereafter, every month we will send you a letter with all of the payments made on our network of car parks using your VIA T number.

You will have to send us an email when you need to add your new VIA T or when your billing information changes. In this email you will have to specify the Spanish VAT number that you gave us when you signed up alongside the information that you want to change.

Receipts for payments made using VIA T will become available to you once 48 hours (working hours) has elapsed. This period is from when you’re done registering for the service or once your parking is up. You will receive an email the day after making the payment if on a business day and, if during holidays, the receipt will be delayed until the next business day.


In the section "My data" you can unsubscribe from MySaba, which will involve the elimination of the account.

Saba can cancel an account due to user misuse of the Web Site or the Virtual Office account. For more information refer to the Purchase Terms and Conditions section

You will be able to cancel MySaba in the "My details" section. This will delete your account.

In the top right-hand corner of the home page, there is a tab to "Register", from where you can create a new user account.

You can access all your details from your user account, from where you will be able to change your password. A confirmation email will be sent to you afterwards.

We will send a confirmation email to the email address used to make the purchase.

1. In the "My details" section > User details > "MODIFY YOUR DETAILS"

2. In the section Newsletter selects the option "No"

3. Press "SAVE" so that your request is registered

If you have successfully registered on MySaba, you will receive a welcome message which will indicate that everything is correct.

Select "I've forgotten my password" when trying to access your account My Saba. Enter your email address and we will send you a link where you will be able to reset it.


You must go to your parking lot and provide the staff with the new account number and a photocopy stating that you are holder of the account (a receipt, bank book, etc.). The changes will then be made and you will be asked to sign the SEPA document.If nobody is there to assist you, you can send us your documentation as well as your registration information to find your account (IDENTITY CARD / SPANISH TAX NUMBER, CAR REGISTRATION NUMBER AND PARKING LOT where you are registered), e-mail us at: Please remember to provide us with a phone number so that we can get in touch you and for you to sign the documentation.

You can go do so at your parking lot. Staff there will provide you with a form for this purpose.

If nobody is there to assist you, you can send an e-mail to:  and we will send you the form for you to fill in.

Please remember that we need you notify us before the 25th of the previous month, so that you can be de-registered for the first day of the coming month.

If you wish, we can send you duplicates of your bills and invoices via e-mail.

Please bear in mind that the original bill will always be sent out in the post. Therefore, you have to provide us with the following information: your e-mail address, your Spanish Tax Number or Spanish Tax Identification Number, your full name, and the parking lot you are using.

Please send this information to: Afterwards, we will activate this option

You can go to your parking lot to start your registration. Bring along a photocopy of your identity card, the account number for the direct debit and a photocopy of a receipt or bank book stating ownership of the account number. You must sign the rules of use, the SEPA document for payment authorization and you will be given a card so that you can gain access to the facilities.If nobody is there to assist you, you can send us the documentation as well as information about the type of registration that you’d like to have. E-mail us at: Please remember to provide us with a phone number so that we can get in touch with you.


If you use the VIA T to pay for your parking, but you have franchise parking tickets because you qualified for them under the rail operator’s policy (see: and, then you’ll have to download the SABA APP, which is completely free, and then register yourself and your VIA T (16 digits).


Bear in mind that the franchise will only be applied on parking lots for the VIA T that you used for registration. If you have more than one, you must register them all.


Once registered, you have 24 hours of parking. After leaving the parking lot, scan the QR of your ticket or barcode using the SABA APP.

The franchise is applied after the VIA T charge.Therefore, the electronic receipt that you receive will never show the price or other discounts that may apply.

After a period of 24 hours, if you have not validated the ticket via the APP, you cannot benefit from the free parking ticket.


**If you have any problems with the validation of tickets using our APP, you must send the scanned tickets (not in mobile format, remember that in order to get free parking the operator requires paper tickets), a scanned copy of your +RENFE card and your VIA T number (16 digits). Send these via e-mail to:


It is the railway operator RENFE that subsidises your ticket with free parking and they set the conditions for that offer. The maximum amount subsidised by the operator is 48 hours of parking, according to the information on their website (, you should have a +RENFE card and make sure the card’s number is included on your ticket.According to the +RENFE card, for the owner there are certain conditions which the operator has included in the QR code or in the barcode on your ticket. For more information on RENFE’s policy, please visit this link: and conditions associated with parking ticket established by the operator apply for the free parking provided by the franchise, you need to have a printed ticket (