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The Basilica of Santa María on Plaza de Santa María in Mataró was built in the 16th, 17th and 19th centuries. The first documented references to the building date back to the year 1008, which has earned it its status as a National Heritage Site. The variety of styles makes it a historic monument and an unmissable sight if you are visiting the capital of the Maresme region.

The building is Neoclassical and Baroque in style. It has a central nave and several chapels at the ends which give it its traditional structure and make it one of the largest buildings in the town.

Inside, you will find one of the most valuable examples of the baroque style: the ‘Dolores’ group. The main body is finished off with sculptural elements designed by Antoni Viladomat.

It also has an impressive Gothic altarpiece under the dome of the chapel. On the main entrance into the church is an inscription: ‘domus dei et porta coeli’, meaning ‘this is the house of God and the gateway to heaven’.

The basilica is located on Plaza Fossar Xic, between Calle de la Coma and Calle Sant Simó. Behind the church is the Plaza de Santa María, a small square where you can take a rest after visiting this wonderful place of worship.

Mataró is laid out as a number of narrow streets, so finding somewhere to park is a little difficult. That’s why, close to the Basilica of Santa María, there’s a Saba car park that’s open 24 hours a day at 69-77 Calle la Riera. That way, you can visit other buildings of architectural interest and cultural institutions in the town, such as the Church of Sant Josep, Mataró Town Hall and the town centre.

Parking Saba in Mataro

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Situated approximately 30 km from Barcelona, Mataró is a town that has good connections to other nearby towns, the sea and the range of hills stretching along the Catalan coast. To help you get around the Maresme area easily and conveniently, you can use our parking facilities, situated at strategic points of the town. Forget about driving around trying to park your car. Opt for peace of mind.

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The centre of Mataró is a place for wandering around for hours on end, for forgetting about looking at your watch. Enjoy its squares and landmarks, sit and have a coffee in one of its quaint cafés or visit some shops; these are just a few of your many options. And if you want to do all this without any hassle, it’s a good idea to park your car in one of our parking facilities, located at key points around Mataró.