City Council Villena

Villena Town Hall is situated on Plaza Santiago in the historic town centre. The building is also known as the Casa Consistorial and it’s where local policy is made. It’s surrounded by Villena’s main historic and cultural sites, such as Atalaya Castle, the Museo Festero (Fiesta Museum) and the Church of Santa María.

The building goes by yet another name, the Palacio Municipal de Villena, and it was built by Pedro de Medina in the early 16th century. Its impressive façade exemplifies the renaissance style of the whole building. It has a large interior cloister supported by columns and the rooms have incredible decorations, with renaissance drawings and paintings even on the ceilings. All this led it to be listed as a Local Historic and Artistic Heritage Site in 1968.

As well as its local government functions, the building houses the Archaeological Museum of Villena, created in 1957 and now home to the archaeological finds excavated and assembled by José María Soler García. The artefacts in this collection give a good insight into the history of the local area from the Palaeolithic era right up to the 20th century. It is an unmissable stop for any tourists who are visiting the town for the first time. Indeed, the town hall is a great starting point for anyone who is not familiar with the sights that should be visited in this town. Here, you can get information on the town and the best places to visit.

The historic town centre, where Villena Town Hall is located, is one of the busiest parts of the town and finding somewhere to park is no easy task. But just a few metres away from Plaza Santiago, you’ll find our Saba public car park at Villena Train Station, number 182 Partida de San Juan.