Parking in Figueres Hospital - Figueres

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Figueres Hospital is a beautiful public building owned by the Empordà Health Foundation. The building is situated in the very centre of this town that is the capital of the Alt Empordà. This health centre provides the town of Figueres with primary, specialist and public healthcare. It employs more than 800 health workers and is the largest health centre in the district. Figueres Hospital stands behind a large semi-circular patio with seating areas and two triangular white gravel sections in the middle.

The hospital was not always located in this part of town, however. Founded in 1313 by Bernat Jaume and his wife Garsendis, the hospital was situated on Calle de la Jonquera and provided healthcare for the most vulnerable groups in society, such as the poor and beggars.

In 1616 the hospital was moved to the outskirts of the town, outside the town walls, to what is now known as Calle Nou. After the Spanish Civil War, it made its final journey to the Parc del Bosc neighbourhood on the northern edge of the town.

And this is why the building stands right next to one of the largest natural areas in Figueres, known as the Parc del Bosc or ‘Forest Park’. Visitors and locals alike love this area for its wonderful vegetation. It’s a little oasis in the middle of a large, busy town where you can practice sports, read a book or indulge in any other form of relaxation. To get to the park from the hospital, simply cross the Ronda del Rector Arolas.

If you wish, you can park your vehicle at our Saba car park at 107 Avenida Salvador Dalí, just a few metres from the hospital.

Parking Saba in Figueres

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If you’re concerned about where to leave your car when you go to Figueres, don’t forget that our parking facilities are there for you, situated at strategic points in the town. Located next to the station and close to the main roads, they’ll give you complete, worry-free mobility. Forget about the worry of parking your car.

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Every little corner of Figueres is unmissable. Teeming with museums and imprinted with the legacy of Salvador Dalí, it’s a town that is crying out to be visited. Don’t waste a single minute of your time hunting around for a place to park – leave your car at one of our parking facilities. They’ll give you peace of mind and make your visit so much more straightforward.