Igualada City Hall

Igualada Town Hall lends its name to the square on which it stands, Plaça de l’Ajuntament, situated in the oldest part of the town. At first sight, the town hall does not stand out from the other buildings that line the square. The only feature that marks it out as an important and historic public building is the large coat of arms on the façade.

With its three storeys and small balcony, the town hall is where most of the important local events take place in Igualada, capital of the Anoia district. For locals, the building provides a public service and for tourists, it is a place that must not be overlooked, as you can find information here on all the main tourist sights and the programme of events taking place in the town.

The town hall is situated at the very heart of the town, in the liveliest and most culturally dynamic part of Igualada. A few minutes away on Calle Sant Pau is L’Ateneu Municipal Theatre, with an interesting programme of shows. About two streets down from Plaza del Ajuntament, on Calle de Sant Roc, is Plaza Sant Miquel, where Anoia district council has its offices. From there, if you walk down Travesía Sant Jaume, you’ll stumble upon the Kaserna de Joves, a place where young people organise and take part in their own activities and events.

To get to Plaza del Ajuntament, the easiest way is to take Calle Nou and then turn off into Calle Born. Another option is to come from Calle Santa María. The area is made up of small, narrow streets, so parking is difficult. There is a Saba car park close to Igualada Town Hall, where you can park 24 hours a day.