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The Spanish provincial capital with the highest number of protected areas. If you’re in Andalusia, Jaén is somewhere you have to visit. If you decide to go by car, remember that you can park it in our parking facilities. It is a very busy city and it will be difficult for you to park without driving around for a long time. Use your time better and forget about your car.

Parking Saba in Jaén

Plza. de Jaén por la Paz, nº1 , 23007 Jaén

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0.90 €/hour

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You’ll find our parking facilities next to the main thoroughfares and the train station. From there, it will be really convenient for you to get around without worrying about a parking space. Make the most of your stay in Jaén and get to some of the numerous must-see sights in the city and its surrounding area. We want you to enjoy your stay.

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Jaén is a city that offers endless possibilities. Stroll around, enjoy its cuisine, visit its sights and go shopping, easily and conveniently. To help you, we’d like to offer you the use of our car park, situated at one of the key points in the city. You can leave it there for as long as you need to, without having to worry about a thing, and get on with visiting the city’s iconic sights.