Parking in Jofre Theatre - Ferrol

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The Jofre Theatre (Teatro Jofre) was inaugurated in 1892 and is one of Ferrol’s most important cultural institutions. Architecturally speaking, it is also one of Spain’s most important 19th-century theatres.

Designed by Faustino Domínguez Domínguez and his son Domínguez Cournes-Gay, to whom the final version is credited, it opened to the public on 19 May 1892 and all kinds of performances were given here: plays, operas and dance. It was built on the ruins of an old theatre that dated back to the 18th century and was designed by the Italian architect Nicolás Settaro.

The Jofre Theatre continued with its programme of live performances until 1908, when it began to screen films. Eleven years later, the venue was acquired by the Farga company, which commissioned Rodolfo Ucha to redesign the façade. In 1935 the theatre re-opened to the public, newly refurbished, with a staging of Calderón de la Barca’s play El Alcalde de Zalamea.

But the splendour of the building and its cultural events lapsed into decline as the years went by and at the end of the 20th century it closed its doors once more, for another refurbishment. Although Rafael Baltasar declared that work was complete in 2002, it was not until 2006 that the theatre opened to the public again. The façade has 5 doors each framed by a stone archway, and the floor plan is in the shape of a horseshoe, with three ornate storeys inside.

The Jofre Theatre is on Plaza Galicia, close to Fernández Ladreda wharf and right next to San Xiao Cathedral. You can reach this area either from Rúa Igrexa or from Rúa dos Irmandiños. If you wish, you can park your vehicle at the Saba public car park that’s close to the theatre and open 24 hours a day.

Parking Saba in Ferrol

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Leave your car at our car park, right next to Ferrol train station. From there, you can get to wherever you need to go. And remember that it’s situated next to the town’s main transport links. So you needn’t worry about how to get around or waste your time.

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The historic and the Modernist quarters are just two of the many attractions Ferrol has to offer. Stroll along the seafront, visit the historic buildings, enjoy its delicious cuisine… but forget about your car. You can use our car park, situated right in the heart of the city to make your visit so much easier.