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Las Arenas, a commercial and residential area in Getxo, has a high population density. Finding a place to park can be complicated if you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching. As a solution to this, we can offer you our parking facilities, situated in an ideal location. You can leave your car there for as long as you like, with no need to worry, and go off and enjoy the stunning views of the Cantabrian coastline.

Parking Saba in Las Arenas (Getxo)

Las Mercedes, s/n, 48930 Getxo

Price per hour from

2.65 €/hour

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You’ll find our car park close to the train station and next to the major streets. From there, you can get to wherever you want, with total ease and peace of mind. Forget about driving around looking for a parking space. Leave your vehicle in our car park and you’ll be well connected to the surrounding area and all the main points of interest.

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The streets and houses of Las Arenas have all the classic charm of a typical Basque town. We suggest you wander for hours and don’t miss a single corner. If you love the sun, the beach and the sea, don’t miss Las Arenas beach. If you’re looking for a place to park your vehicle, remember that you’ll find our parking facilities in an ideal spot.