Parking in María Pita Square (City Hall) - A Coruña

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Since 1897, this square has been home to A Coruña City Hall, a building designed in the Spanish Modernist style. The square is named after María Mayor Fernández de la Cámara y Pita. She is seen as a symbol of the resistance against the attack by Sir Francis Drake, who raided A Coruña in reprisal for the city’s support for the Spanish Armada.

María de Pita, armed with a pike, took down the standard bearer and robbed him of the English flag. This made her the heroine of the battle and gave the victory to the Galician side.

Plaza María de Pita, as well as being a place of historical and political interest, is also popular with tourists because of all the wonderful cuisine on offer at its restaurants and outdoor terraces. It’s the ideal spot for trying some typical Galician cooking, as most of the establishments serve fresh fish and sea food dishes. Even on rainy days, you can enjoy this charming square from the shelter of the Modernista arcades.

But it is when night falls that the square comes alive in all its splendour, with one of the most beautiful lighting systems in all of A Coruña that projects amber V-shaped spotlights to highlight the square’s architectural features. So it’s no surprise that it is a favourite spot for couples whispering sweet nothings.

If you’re visiting A Coruña in August, you must pass through this square, as it’s where most of the events and activities for the city’s ‘fiesta’ are held.

Close by is Plaza Pontevedra, where you can park your car in one of our three Saba car pars in A Coruña. To get to Plaza María Pita from there, walk towards Avenida Marina and when you’ve passed Rosalía Theatre, turn onto Rúa Luchana and then onto Rúa Riego de Auga.

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