Ourense City Hall

Ourense City Hall is a historic building that is home to ‘El concello de Ourense’, the council that governs this Galician capital. Because of its administrative and political importance, this public building is situated on Plaza Mayor de Ourense, a short distance from Plazuela de la Madalena.

Ourense city council is headed by the mayor, a position that has been elected by universal suffrage since 1979. It only has authority over the municipal area of Ourense, so it is a body that is very close to the public, who regularly go to the town hall to make queries or present requests or complaints.

The building was constructed in 1888, but it was not the first seat of Ourense city council as documents attest to the existence of another city hall in the 16th century on the same square. In days of old, the city council would meet on land owned by the church. But relations between the ecclesiastical authorities and the civil authorities were always somewhat tense, due to the fact that the local government built its seat of power in the bishop’s barnyard and kitchen garden.

Plaza Mayor is considered the heart of Ourense, both because it’s so central and because of its historic buildings and cultural landmarks. Just a couple of minutes away from this square is Ourense Cathedral, built in the mid-12th century and categorised as a minor basilica since 1867. This is without a doubt the busiest part of the city and an unmissable point of interest for visitors.

You can reach Plaza Mayor by taking Calle Do Progreso and turning onto Avenida de Pontevedra or Calle Doutor Marañón. At the train station, you’ll find one of our Saba public car parks, where you can park your vehicle at any time of the day or night.