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The history of Plaza de la Vila can be traced back to 1833. This square has changed its name a few times to reflect different historical and political contexts. In 1923 it was called Plaza de Catalunya, but during Franco’s dictatorship it was given the name of Plaza José Antonio Primo de Rivera. When democracy returned it was renamed Plaza de la Vila, and so it remains today.

Situated in the Barcelonés region, right in the centre of Badalona, the square is home to the city hall, built in a historicist style. Construction on the building finished in 1877. Initially, it was used as a cultural centre, hosting a range of activities and events, while today it is used for plenary sessions and all the usual administrative functions of a city council.

Locals consider it to be an important landmark because it sits between two of the main thoroughfares: the main shopping street, Calle del Mar, and Calle Francesc Layret, a section of the N-II trunk road (also known as Carretera Reial).

Over the course of history, Plaza de la Vila has witnessed some important political events such as the riots of Les Quintes in the 19th century, the workers’ revolt in May 1893, the demonstrations against the war of Morocco in 1909 and the riots organised by the workers of the Cros chemical company in 1918.

Throughout history, the square has also been home to several establishments, and the ones that remain in the collective memory of the locals are the Café Cuyàs, the Picarol cinema and the seat of the Círcol Catòlic (Catholic Society). Today, a visitor walking around the square will find a range of commercial premises: places to eat, bars, shops and cultural centres.

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