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Ronda’s bullring (Plaza de Toros) is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Spain. It took six whole years to build, and was opened in 1785 with a bullfight featuring the famous matador Pedro Romero.

This bullring is considered one of the birthplaces of the modern bullfighting that arose in the 18th century. It is in a Neoclassical style and has an interesting carved stone doorway. The seating is spread over two levels and there are 136 smooth stone columns, 68 arches and a pitched roof covered with Arabic tiles. It has seating capacity for 6000 spectators, while the arena itself is 60 metres in diameter, making it one of the largest in Spain. The building also houses a bullfighting museum which was opened in 1984.

This bullring is where one of the most important events in the bullfighting calendar is held: the Corrida Goyesca, which takes place in early September. This famous bullfight was founded by Antonio Ordóñez in 1954, to commemorate the second centenary of the birth of Pedro Romero. As well as this fight, there is also a famous carriage driving competition and exhibition, both as part of the Pedro Romero Fair.

As well as visiting the bullring itself, the bullfighting museum is also open to the public: it explains the significance of the bull in world civilizations and its place in Iberian culture, with a vast collection of artefacts relating to bullfighting.

There is a Saba pubic car park for you to use at Ronda Train Station, at number 31 Avenida de la Victoria, just a few minutes away from the bullring.

Parking Saba in Ronda

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You’ll find our parking facilities right next to Ronda’s train station. This way, if you need to travel or go to fetch a family member, your journey will be much easier. You can leave your vehicle there for as long as you need to. Don’t waste time looking for somewhere to park your car… we’ll watch over it for you.

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If you visit Ronda, don’t miss its old town. Wander around its narrow streets, charming corners and stunning monuments, and stop at its restaurants without a thought for anything except enjoying the tranquillity and beauty of this town. Our car park is there for you, close to the town centre, so you needn’t worry about your vehicle.