Pontevedra City Council

Pontevedra City Council is the main authority that governs the city. Its current seat is in the Casa Consistorial de Pontevedra,

which was erected on the site of the old council buildings of the 15th and 16th centuries. It’s a rectangular two-storey building adorned with a semi-circular frontispiece in an eclectic 18th-century style, designed by the architect Alejandro Rodríguez Sesmeros.

On its main façade, one of the more notable features are the four Ionic columns and their capitals. The façade is also decorated with beautiful floral motifs and the cornice is topped with small balusters. There’s also a clock, well positioned so that it can be seen from almost any angle.

From a distance, you can get a good view of the three large windows on either side of the doors on both storeys. On either side of the main front door there is an inscription honouring the founder of the building.

Other interesting features of the city hall are the beautiful imperial-style stone staircase that goes up to the first floor and the lovely leaded windows. Inside, the building has several rooms and halls that are rich in detail and fascinating to look at.

If you like, you can use our Saba public car park that’s on Avenida de la Estación. This is your best option for parking your vehicle and enjoying the city, walking its streets and stopping off at the bars and restaurants.