Parkings in Puente Genil

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Puente Genil is a town located in the south-western part of the Córdoba province and it has a very important artistic heritage. If you decide to visit, our car park is at your disposal, so you can leave your car there for as long as you need to with complete peace of mind. We’ll keep a close eye on your vehicle at all times.

Parking Saba in Puente Genil

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Puente Genil is a town with excellent connections to its surrounding area. Its road and rail networks mean that this town has very good connections to Andalusia’s provincial capitals. We have a car park right next to the train station, so you can get around with total ease.

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Visit Puente Genil without worrying about your car. Have a wander, visit the sights, meet the people and enjoy the food, but don’t waste a single minute looking for parking. Our parking facilities are right there for you in the town centre, so you can walk anywhere without worrying about your car.