Parking in Puigcerda City Hall - Puigcerdà



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Situated in the capital of Catalonia’s Baixa Cerdanya area in the province of Girona, is Puigcerdà Town Hall, right on the square that bears its name, Plaza de l’Ajuntament.

Parking Saba in Puigcerdà

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If you want to get around Puigcerdà and its outskirts with ease and peace of mind, use our car park. Situated close to the train station and the main roads, it will allow you to get around without worrying about finding somewhere to park your car. There it will be watched over for as long as you need to enjoy La Cerdaña.

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Take a walk along Calle Mayor, browse its shops, take a selfie by the lake and enjoy the nature and the delicious cuisine of La Cerdaña. If you’d rather forget about your car and avoid driving around in search of parking, leave it at our car park. It’s situated in the most central part of town.