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In the upper part of the town of Vic (Osona), on Calle Pare Xifré, is where you’ll find the Roman Temple. Today, it is listed as a Spanish Cultural and Historical Heritage Site.

The building was constructed in the early 2nd century during the golden age of the Roman Empire. But it was not until 1882, when the old castle that had been built on this site was being demolished, that workmen were stunned to find a Corinthian capital.

Fortunately, despite the centuries that have passed, the Roman temple is still in very good condition. The most notable structural feature is the colonnade over the podium which is reached from a staircase at the front. The colossal columns that support the temple are smooth, with Corinthian capitals and entablature at the top of the cella.

Right next to the temple, you’ll see another interesting building: an old medieval house that was of great significance to the town of Vic. Just take a moment to observe the contrast in architectural styles.

In the vicinity of the temple, there are also some shops and bars where you can get something to drink. This is a good opportunity to try out Vic’s selection of cured meats, especially its famous “fuet”.

If you need it, you’ll find a Saba public car park on Plaza Major. This car park is right in the historic quarter of the town and just a few minutes' walk from the Roman Temple. So if you do want to enjoy a day out in Vic, strolling around and looking at its lovely old buildings, we recommend that your park in our car park.

Parking Saba in Vic

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Whether you’re visiting for business or for pleasure, remember that our parking facilities are there for you, right in the town centre. You’ll find them next to the main thoroughfares and near the train station. You can leave your car there for as long as you need to.

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The Plaza Mayor is where it all happens in Vic. The market, daily life, get-togethers and local shopping. If you visit Vic, you can’t leave without going to have a look. The problem is finding a place to park your car. That’s why we’d like to remind you that you’ll find our car park right next to it.