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As a global destination for pilgrims, Santiago de Compostela attracts thousands of people every year who come to see its historic quarter, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Santiago is a very busy city and finding a place to park your car tends to be very difficult. That’s why we offer you our car park, where you can leave your vehicle for as long as you like.

Parking Saba in Santiago de Compostela

Rúa do Hórreo, 75, 15702 Santiago de Compostela

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1.60 €/hour

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If you decide to visit Santiago de Compostela, remember that you can use our parking facilities. They’re situated next to the train station and close to the main thoroughfares. From there you can get to wherever you want really easily and forget about having to find a place to park your car.

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If you’re spending a few days in Santiago de Compostela, don’t miss the Cathedral, the Pazo de Raxoi palace and the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos But if you’re travelling by car, bear in mind that it will be difficult to find a place to leave it without spending a long time searching. As a solution to this, remember you have our car park at your disposal.