Vigo City Hall

On Plaza Do Rei, in the upper part of the old city centre and next to Monte Castro, is Vigo’s City Hall, the current seat of the city council. Construction began in the middle of 1971 and finished in 1977.

It is built in a modern style, and its architecture has a very horizontal feel. When seen from a distance, the main block towers above the surrounding area. This building houses various public services, including the Mayor’s Department. The block is so tall that it serves as a view point, affording incredible vistas as you go up.

During the day, Plaza del Ayuntamiento is very busy. There are skateboarders showing off their skills from one end of the square to the other, and when the weather is good, lots of families and couples come here to get some sun on summer days.

Because it’s close to the historic city centre, you only need to walk down a couple of streets to find a vast array of shops, restaurants, bars, etc. And if you’d like a refreshing dip in the Ría de Vigo, Alcabre Beach is just a few minutes' drive away.

If you wish, you can use our Saba public car park close to Vigo City Hall, at Vigo Guixar Train Station on Calle Areal.