Parking in Xativa City Council - Xativa

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Xàtiva Town Hall is on Calle Albereda Jaume, a central location in the town. It is a large four-storey building with a façade that has large windows and a sign that reads “Casa de la Ciudad”.

The building is home to the local town council and is therefore the seat of local decision-making. If you’re visiting the town for the first time, you should definitely go the town hall. It is here that both locals and visitors can get advice, make complaints or ask for information about cultural events taking place in Xàtiva, such as the local Fallas festival that is organised by the town’s Fallas committee.

Opposite the town hall, you’ll find another information point exclusively for tourists. This is Tourist Info Xàtiva at number 50 Avenida Alameda Jaume I, where visitors can familiarise themselves with everything the town has to offer. This area also has various restaurants and cafés where you can sit back and try out the typical Valencian specialities.

The town hall is definitely a good starting place from which to explore the town. A few streets away is the Almodí Museum, one of the most important in the whole Valencia region, in a Gothic style but with a Renaissance inner courtyard. A really lovely place for tourists to visit. Also a few feet away is Xàtiva’s most important sight: the castle. To get there, just make your way to the road that climbs up to it.

The place is difficult to access, so we recommend that you park your vehicle in our Saba car park in the historic town centre, very close to the town hall. You’ll find it at Xàtiva Train Station, on Plaza de la Estación.

Parking Saba in Xativa

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If you’re in Xàtiva and intend to travel around, remember that you can use our parking facilities. They’re situated at a strategic point in the town: next to the train station and near the main transport routes. From there, it will be much easier for you to get to where you want to go, and you won’t have to worry about finding somewhere to leave your vehicle.

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Are you thinking of spending a few days in Xàtiva? We recommend that you visit the Castle, the city walls and former trading spot El Almudín, among numerous other unmissable sights. To help you enjoy your stay as much as possible and not spend ages looking for a place to park, our parking facilities are there for you. You’ll find them right in the town centre.