Parkings in Alcázar de San Juan

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Not far from Madrid and Toledo, Alcázar de San Juan has all the charm of a typical La Mancha town. There you’ll find a Saba car park where you can park your car to stroll the streets without a care, just enjoying the walk and reaching your destination in the most convenient way.

Parking Saba in Alcázar de San Juan

Álvarez Guerra, s/n, 13600 Alcázar de San Juan

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0.45 €/hour

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If you pay a visit to this beautiful town, you’ll find Saba parking facilities at one of the city’s most important hubs: right next to the train station. This way, you can go wherever you want without worrying about where to park, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your car is in the best place it can be.

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Don’t worry about where to park. You have Saba public parking in the centre of Alcázar de San Juan so you can make your plans stress-free and stay for as long as you like. The perfect way to leave your vehicle in a safe, close-at-hand car park.