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Segovia aqueduct (Acueducto de Segovia) is one of the most impressive and magnificent structures that the Romans built in Spain. It was constructed to channel water from the Sierra into Segovia and today it is the foremost symbol of the city.

Studies date the construction back to the 1st century AD, during the Flavian dynasty. The aqueduct is formed of 167 granite arches joined by ashlar blocks without the aid of mortar, only by the ingenious equilibrium of forces.

The first section of the aqueduct has 36 pointed arches that were rebuilt in the 15th century to restore the part that was destroyed by the Muslims. On the upper level, the arches are 5.10 metres wide, with shorter and slimmer pillars than those of the lower level. The structure is finished off with a U-shaped hollow channel through which the water travelled.

It is a truly beautiful piece of architecture, so it is no surprise that UNESCO has awarded it World Heritage Site status.

Everyone from Segovia knows the legend of the aqueduct. They say that a little girl used to go up to the highest part of the mountain every day and come down with an amphora full of water. One day, she asked the devil to build something that would mean she wouldn’t have to go and fetch water every day. That very night, the devil granted her this wish in exchange for her soul, if he managed to finish it on time, before the cock crowed. The devil built the whole aqueduct but before he laid the last stone, the cock crowed so the little girl did not have to lose her soul and the inhabitants of Segovia had water whenever they needed. The aqueduct is still missing that last stone and in the gap that was left you can now see an image of Our Lady of Fuencisla.

If you’d like to go and see this historic monument, you can park your vehicle in our car park on Paseo Campos de Castilla, at Segovia Train Station.

Aqueduct of Segovia

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