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Situated in the foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama, Segovia is the most important city in the region of Castile and León. The Old Town (Ciudad Vieja) and the Aqueduct are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which means that thousands of people come to visit the city every year. If you come to visit for a few days, you may have problems parking. As a solution, our parking facilities are there for you to use.

Parking Saba in Segovia

Acceso Estación Alta Velovidad, Paseo Campos de Castilla, 40003 Segovia

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0.50 €/hour

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To help you get where you want easily, remember that you can use our car park. It’s situated at a key location in Segovia: next to the train station and close to the main thoroughfares. This will help you get around easily without worrying about your car… we’ll watch over it for you at all times.

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The Aqueduct, the Alcázar castle and the Cathedral are just a few of the historic sites you have to visit if you’re spending a few days in Segovia. To help you think of nothing except enjoying the city and the company you’re with, remember that you can park your car in our parking facilities for as long as you need. Forget about driving around in circles… make the most of your time.