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Its great location and high level of economic and social development have made Bilbao one of the most visited cities in the Basque Country. This means that it’s often very difficult to find on-street parking easily. If you don’t want to waste your time, remember that you have Saba parking facilities right in the city centre.

Parking Saba in Bilbao

Bailén, nº 22 Bis , 48003 Bilbao

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2.05 €/hour

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If you want to get around, it’s easy. Saba has parking very close to the city’s main transport hubs. Here you can park your vehicle without any problem. Set off for where you want to get to without worrying about your car and really make the most of this surprising city, with total peace of mind.

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Go try the pinchos (the Basque tapas), explore the historic city centre or visit museums, but don’t waste your time looking for a place to park. Enjoying this city is now possible thanks to the car parks Saba offers. You’ll find Saba parking facilities at all of Bilbao’s key places, so your visit will go smoothly and you can really make the most of it.