Parking in San Mamés Stadium - Bilbao

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The new San Mamés Stadium was inaugurated on 16 September 2013 in Bilbao and is currently one of the most modern football grounds in Spain. It was built to replace the old one that dated back to 1913.

According to official figures, the new stadium can seat 53,289 people, and this can be increased by another 2000 when circumstances require, according to the architect, César Azcárate.

The stadium’s main function is to host both the official and unofficial matches of the football club Athletic de Bilbao, but it has other roles too as it is used as a sports innovation centre, a sports medicine centre, an underground athletics track and a public leisure centre.

Aside from sports events, the stadium is also sometimes used for large-scale concerts.

It has a whole network of facilities, including an underground athletics section that is 112 metres long and 12 metres wide. There is a 60 metre race track and facilities for high jump, triple jump, long jump, pole vaulting and shot put. The complex also houses sports innovation and sport medicine centres, a public leisure centre with a swimming pool, gym, fitness suite, spa, and 4 changing rooms, as well as 40 offices and 48 VIP boxes.

There is also a club museum displaying all the trophies, artefacts and awards collected by the “lions”. Furthermore, you’ll find an official club shop and an upmarket restaurant serving top quality dishes.

If you want to visit the stadium or its surrounding area without worrying about parking, you can use one of our Saba public car parks, right next to Bilbao Train Station, at number 22 Bis Calle Bailén.

Parking Saba in Bilbao

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