Girona Cathedral

Girona Cathedral, also known as the Church of Santa Maria de Girona, is 30 metres high and the largest Roman Catholic place of worship in the whole province. The cathedral is a mix of styles resulting from several restorations and refurbishments, although its façade clearly shows that it is a Romanesque cathedral in the Gothic style.

This building, dedicated to Saint Mary, was started in 1312, when the apse, ambulatory, nine chapels and three naves were built. The work was commissioned to the brothers Enric and Jaume Faveran. It was not until the 18th century that work on the naves was completed and in 1730 Pere Costa restarted work on the façade. Two years later, four monumental pieces were fitted by local sculptors J. Bohigas, A. Casamor, J. Busquets and D. Fita. In many ways, Girona Cathedral epitomises the culture and traditions of this province, as a work built over eight centuries by a dozen artists.

In fact, the cathedral is such an impressive sight that it has served as a location for the sixth season of the well-known TV series Game of Thrones.

According to old documents, the diocese of Girona was once as large as those of Toledo and Seville. Girona Cathedral stands head and shoulders above all the other buildings in the area. It’s close to the River Onyar and one can reach it by taking Subida de Sant Feliu or Paseo de la Reina Joana.

The cathedral is at the heart of Girona’s cultural hub, next to the Girona Museum of Art (Museu d’Art de Girona) and the city’s Museum of History (Museu d’Història de Girona). If you decide to come by car to visit Girona city centre and its glorious cathedral, remember that you can use our Saba car park which is very close by on Calle Berenguer i Carnicer.