Girona City Hall

The task of Girona City Council is to manage and administer municipal affairs for the residents of Girona. The building used as the headquarters for local government stands at number 1 Plaza del Vi. This city hall is also known locally as the casa del pueblo, casa de la vila, casa de la ciutat, casa consistorial, casa del comú and paería.

The building’s most distinctive architectural features are the main façade, the door into the meeting hall and the door to the municipal theatre, which was built in 1860. The council offices also occupy the building that stands next door, known as the old Café Vila.

In 1493 a chapel dedicated to Saint Michael was built inside the building and from 1756 it was adorned with an altarpiece, but in 1859 the chapel collapsed and was never rebuilt. With the disappearance of the chapel, much of the city’s iconography was lost, such as the dragon, the baby dragon, the dwarves, and many other figures. All of them used to play a big part in the local festivals, processions and parades, both civil and religious. One of the most important is the festival of Corpus Christi.

The bell tower that today houses the bells of the city hall’s clock. They already rang during the reign of Napoleon, when Girona was under the rule of the French Empire.

Another good reason to visit this area is that it sits right next to the River Onyar, the cathedral, the city’s museum of history and the Plaza dels Jurats. Not to mention the number of restaurants and shops nearby.

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