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Malaga city council is one of city's four governing bodies. The political representatives that lead it have been elected by universal suffrage since 1979. The seat of the council, known as the Casa Consistorial, can be found on Avenida Cervantes, one of the city's main streets.

This is Malaga’s highest local authority and is headed by the Mayor. It governs the daily life of the city and its inhabitants, almost 600,000 people. Residents come to this building to carry out administrative tasks, present complaints or requests and get information. Visitors to the city should definitely make a stop here, not just because of the building’s cultural and historic significance but also because it’s a good place to pick up tourist information on the city.

This area is very central and it includes several different buildings and monuments that should be part of any sightseeing tour. A couple of examples are the local heritage museum (Museo del Patrimonio Municipal) on Paseo Jesús el Rico and Málaga Town Hall, which was built behind the council building. This building was constructed in 1912, when Ricardo Albert was mayor, and was completed in 1919 when the town was headed by Manuel Romero Raggio.

On the right-hand side of the city hall are the Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens (Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso), a large park that provides a perfect natural space in which to take a break from the city or have a rest on one of the park benches after sightseeing in the area. The park is joined to another large park that has in its centre an impressive fountain known as the Tres Gracias, or the ‘three graces’.

To get to the City Hall you can take either Avenida Cervantes or Calle Guillén Sotelo. Finding somewhere to park in this area is not easy, but you can leave your car near the station in one of our Saba public car parks that’s open 24 hours a day.

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If you decide to go to Malaga by car, remember that our car parks are situated in the best locations, to help you get around with ease. You’ll find parking facilities near the train station, so you can get to wherever you need. And there’s another car park at Malaga Airport so you can leave your car in a safe place while you’re away.

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Malaga is a city with a unique charm. Most of the tourists that visit come back for more. To help you enjoy your stay and wander the streets of the city at your leisure, our car parks are there for you. Make the most of your time here and don’t waste it searching for somewhere to leave your car.