Parking in Port of Malaga - Malaga

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The Port of Malaga is run by the city’s port authority and is situated on the Bay of Malaga. Redevelopment works began in 1998, thanks to which the port is not only a cargo harbour but also has public marinas for recreational boats. It includes a large shopping area and Malaga’s Pompidou Centre.

It also has a very large cruise ship terminal that has put Malaga on the map of Spain’s most important port cities and cruise stop-off points.

The port has its origins in the 9th century B.C., when it stretched from the western corner of what is today the Customs House to the Puerta Oscura (the ‘dark door’), a distance of almost 500 metres. Nowadays, the port covers an area of 1,150,884 square metres.

As well as its functions as a port, the area is of great historic interest as it was settled by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Muslims. In the 15th century, in 1487 to be precise, the Catholic Monarchs arrived in Malaga and authorised the construction of the wharfs that would later become the port. After a long period in which work was halted, it was restarted in the 18th century, when the port was also extended. This is when the new wharf and steps were built, as well as the shipyards, but it was not until the 20th century that the port began its industrial operations. It was then that logistics and tourism were added to the commercial activities.

You can find one of our Saba car parks on Esplanada de la Estación, which is next to the port area. There’s no need to worry about closing time because the car park is open 24 hours a day.

Parking Saba in Malaga

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If you decide to go to Malaga by car, remember that our car parks are situated in the best locations, to help you get around with ease. You’ll find parking facilities near the train station, so you can get to wherever you need. And there’s another car park at Malaga Airport so you can leave your car in a safe place while you’re away.

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Malaga is a city with a unique charm. Most of the tourists that visit come back for more. To help you enjoy your stay and wander the streets of the city at your leisure, our car parks are there for you. Make the most of your time here and don’t waste it searching for somewhere to leave your car.