Parking Saba Riera Sant Vicenç - Cadaqués

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  • 351 free spaces

Paraje de la Riera de Sant Vincenç, s/n 17489, Cadaqués


Open 24h


Maximum height allowed: 2.4 meters


If you don’t want to waste time looking for a place to park your car in Cadaqués, don’t hesitate to use our car parking facilities whenever you like. You’ll find it right in the town centre, making it easy for you to get around. The car park is fully equipped and designed with your convenience in mind. And it’s very well connected to the surrounding area and its main thoroughfares. Don’t forget that you can use our facilities whenever you need to. And last but not least, this car parking facilities has VIA T available at entry and exit.

Products and Tickets

Hourly fee


3.15 €/hour

Saba Abono 24h Gold

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Saba Abono Motos

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Saba Abono Nocturno Silver

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Saba Abono Nocturno Gold

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Saba Abono Flexible 10h Gold

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Saba Abono Flexible 15h Gold

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Saba Abono Flexible 10h Silver

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Saba Abono Flexible 15h Silver

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