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Situated on the border with France, Irun is one of the most important cities in the Basque Country. Because of its strategic geographic location, thousands of people travel through it throughout the year. To make it easier for you to get around, our car park is at your service. Don’t spend your time driving around in circles or worrying about where to park the car.

Parking Saba in Irún

Calle de la Estación, s/n , 20301 Irun

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1.20 €/hour

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To make it easier for you to get to where you need to go, we can provide you with our parking facilities, situated next to the train station. Leave your car in our car park for as long as you need and get to where you want to go. Make the most of Irun’s geographical location to visit the surrounding area or do business.

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Irun is a very busy city the whole year round. As a result, finding a place to park your car is no easy task. If you want to make your visit more enjoyable, don’t hesitate to use our parking facility. It’s situated in one of the key points of the city and we’ll watch over your car for you the whole time.