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Opened on 24 September 1957 in the district of Les Corts, Camp Nou is considered to be Europe’s largest capacity stadium and the world’s fifth largest, with seating for 99,354 fans. In fact, UEFA has it listed as an Elite Stadium.

Its history goes back to the early 1950s. Even though there was already a football ground known as Camp de Les Corts, plans were submitted to build another one with greater capacity. Francesc Mitjans was the architect in charge of the project and he was given a budget of 67 million pesetas. But the stadium ended up costing close to 228 million, due to unforeseen logistical issues.

No fan of the beautiful game, regardless of which team he or she follows, should miss a visit to this stadium. It’s not just a pitch: it has a whole range of facilities.

It even has its own club museum, displaying all kinds of objects and silverware won by all the various FC Barcelona teams. It also includes the Mini Stadium, next to Camp Nou, which is generally used for junior matches.

An important part of the complex is La Masía, the hall of residence for club players, and the Palau Blaugrana, the sports hall used for basketball, handball, roller hockey and futsal matches played by FC Barcelona teams.

Camp Nou hosts numerous local, national and international sporting events. But it also hosts concerts and other types of event. For example, it hosted sporting events for the 1992 Olympic Games, the Champions League, concerts by Michael Jackson and U2, and many others.

If you want to go to a football match without worrying about where to park, you’ll find two Saba public car parks open 24 hours a day very close to Camp Nou, at number 250 Calle Joan Güell, and at number 85 Gran Via de Carles III.

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